Smoke with DCC Sound
Smoke with DCC sound


UK Gauge 1 Steam locos with DCC sound
UK Gauge 1 LH Loveless locos with DCC sound
UK O Gauge locos with DCC sound
UK O Gauge LH Loveless locos with DCC sound
UK O Gauge locos with DCC sound
UK O Gauge DCC sound locos Heljan O Gauge
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NOW AVAILABLE - Smoke & Sound in O Gauge Patriots & A4s! Gauge 1 A4s too.

We are delighted to announce we can now accept commissions to fit Lee Marsh Model Co LMS Patriots to run with smoke. To reserve your Patriot from Lee please click here and we can then organise conversion. £POA


Lee Marsh Model Co Patriot with synchronised smoke - O Gauge


Video of Lee Marsh Model Co LMS Patriot in O gauge with synchronised smoke & sound:





We can also fit A4s in O gauge with smoke and sound, the most easily adapted version are the LH Loveless & Co A4s (Mk2 version) Please click here to check the limited stock available with Lawrie, there will be one BR Green available from stock very shortly. £POA




DCC Sound and smoke in diesels - 37 402 on test (loco built by Cliff Williams) :


37 402 with synchronised smoke - O Gauge


Smoke units in diesels are currently only possible in kitbuilt locos (not Heljan due to lack of space)


Fitting the ESU smoke units are definitely not just plug and play, there is a lot of work to re-write the sound files, Bryan & I have to pre-programme the chip with new and additional information to synchronise the smoke.

I am the first to successfully synchronise an ESU smoke unit for British Outline, I have had German outline locos working with the ESU units pre-installed, it has taken time to work out what is needed.

The average oil fill will give you about ten minutes of smoke - this can be used efficiently as the smoke unit can be turned on and off by a function key on the DCC controller, so when the loco exits the scenic section it can be turned off then back on again.

We have designed the sound for 37 402 so you get a burst of smoke on start up which attracted the crowds at Falkirk MRC exhibition November 2015!


To fit locos with DCC sound and smoke there are several requirements - a lot of time to modify the body to fit the large units in, time to modify the the sound project and patience to wire the unit up. In the case of 37 402 the loco has fourteen bulbs (one is prototypically "blown"), two speakers and all designed for maintenance, the wiring circuitry in this loco is extensive! The sound is from recordings I have taken of 37 401 and Bryan has made into a sensational sound.





For further information you can call on 01592 642422 and ask for Cliff, or email Cliff Williams



With thanks to John Ryan for the use of the fantastic Over Peover layout.


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